"My relationship to the tea culture begun long before my first clay work had seen the light of day. So I naturally came to ceramics with a focus on the ceramics used in the tea ceremony. Good pottery is as essential to the tea as much as the pure water and good company. On my journey I am searching for the links between the natural look of the wabi style and traditional European techniques. I use fire, the Phoenix, who gives my vessels character and life."

Tea ware

… or pots under influence of tea. I create tea pottery inspired by preparation of tea and by people, who use it - being myself Pilgrim on the way of tea and clay. I make tea pottery on potter’s wheel and fire it in wood kiln. I use stoneware and porcelain, mix my glazes, which are inspired by old masters as well as by new approaches. My wish is to find in every new kiln tea ware worthy of the best teas.

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