“Making things with my hands brings persistent joy in my life - working with the shape, thickness, and depth; exploring the relationship between the edges and curved spaces they defined; deriving inspiration from natures hidden worlds, which sparked my curiosity and imaginations. 

My work does not start on the whiteboard, it evolves from the previous form, followed by experiments with clay types, stripping the decorations from unnecessary fragments, choosing surface and glaze suitable to its needs.

By the time I realized I do not want to be limited by choice of one technique, so now I decide on technique best fitted for each work carefully weighing function and esthetic benefits. Somehow still a majority of my ideas calls for woodfiring, not only for the choice of clay, temperature or color palate it offers but also for the depth of glazes and effects on the surface.

I design my work with the idea that it comes fully alive by use, that it becomes part of someone's daily or occasional rituals."  


On this page you can find work of Mirka Randová @sageteaware as well as past work sold at the ocasion FRIENDS TEAWARE SALE - Petr Sklenička @pskeramika, Ondřej Sedlák @samorostMirka Randová @sageteaware, Jana Matiščíková @jana_matiscik, Anka with her enbroidered Chabu, Monika @mikazajko with her woven Chabu and Jiří Kuchař with new Puerh needles.


AVAILABLE - We are planning to have another FRIENDS TEAWARE SALE soon, the date is set for Saturday, June 11, 2022. We will be announcing more on our IG sites.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail the day before the sale, please send an e-mail to sageteaware@gmail.com 


Shipping: Shipping cost is added to the price of work depending on the weight of the final package and the country to which it is delivered. Only if the safety of chosen work will demand we will have to send more packages. Combining more orders to one address is possible, so let friends know. We ship by Post Office service - Economy and Priority. We offer DHL service only on request from the customer.

The sale is OPEN NOW