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CH05 Hand-woven Chabu 87x28cm Monika Zajacova

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chabu is shipped separately from the USA, you will receive mail with a shipping price.

Chabu tea-runner, made from all-natural sheep Corriedale wool roving which is undyed, and the natural color grey. This wool is 100% warp cotton and was hand spun and woven by Monika Zajacova @mikazajko. This wool has a distinct lanolin oil aroma because it was not chemically processed. The measurements of this Chabu are 28 by 87 cm, which is perfect for tea lovers. I recommend spot cleaning only or a cool hand-wash and to hang dry.
Please Note- Buyers are responsible for any shipping fees or customs/import taxes.

If you would like to see additional photographs of these Chabu's, feel free to take a look at my Instagram @mikazajko.

  • Velikost: 28x87cm
  • Cena: 79 $