Dear tea-friends, 

The new selection of the pots and tea club is from now available. As usual, we were putting aside pieces from a few firings, we always try to choose something new, as well as time-proven styles which were blessed by the fire and have a particular touch and spell. 

Some of you have already noticed, for some, it will be new: There are now new pieces, just a few here and there, added to the club website even between regular club selection, without the notification email.  It means that if you miss something on this selection, you might wanna keep an eye on the page and find the piece you were hoping for.

We both deeply appreciate your support over the years and hope that this new arrangement will mean more opportunities for you to find new teaware for your tea sessions. 

For those who would like to follow us on Instagram, Mirka's is @sageteaware and Petr's @potandtea. Your support, all the comments, and interactions are more than welcome

We believe that from the technical point of view, all should work at least as smoothly as the last time. If there will be any questions or troubles please let us know.

We wish you all a beautiful day
Petr and Mirka