"My relationship to the tea culture begun long before my first clay work had seen the light of day. So I naturally came to ceramics with a focus on the ceramics used in the tea ceremony. Good pottery is as essential to the tea as much as the pure water and good company. On my journey I am searching for the links between the natural look of the wabi style and traditional European techniques. I use fire, the Phoenix, who gives my vessels character and life."

Ten Gems

On this page I keep and share pictures of what can be called "Ten Gems of Ten Kilns". It is my small, personal project, which I have decided to build for two main reasons. First one is to keep a small, limited selection of my own creations at home. By taking pictures of it I would like to create an archive. It should give me a chance to see and judge those "best-of" pieces later on, and with new perspective. Second reason is to give a change to my readers, customers and colleagues to follow me on the path made of mud and fire. A little bit more about my motivations for this, you can read on my blog. Or you can just enjoy pictures of teaware bellow...

Click on the presentation will transfer you to picasa album, where you can view pictures with description.