“When working on my vessels, form is always essential for me. I love throwing on the potter's wheel as much as hand-building, even thought my approach to each technique is different. When I hand-build I start with a plan, which does not include an exact image of finished work. The form emerges only through the process of work and dialogue with clay. When working on the wheel I want a comprehensive, but simple form. Each part of the process is adventure, but mixing glazes from local materials is especially exciting. So many possibilities… I believe that all vessels need a blessing of serendipity, that is why I choose porcelain and also happily give the last word to nature. In the wood kiln 1280°C -1350°C (2336F-2455F), the vessel can truly prove its right to be. Simultaneously it develops character, strength and energy."

Tea boats

Tea boats are made on potters wheel or handbuild. They are made from stoneware or porcelain and all are fired in wood kiln to 1260°C-1350°C. If you wish to have a tea boat created to your request, please contact me via e-mail: mrandova@seznam.cz.

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